Monday, July 02, 2018

6/28/2018 Full Moon Paddle at Sebago Canoe Club

I'm doing pretty well so far on the execution of my big Statement of Purpose post of the 20th, the one where I said I was going to pick up my activity level this summer. The day before I wrote that I'd gone for a 4.5 mile post-work walk, the day after that good solo paddle to the Cross Bay Bridge and back, last Sunday was sailing...oops skipped dance class on Monday night, can't do everything, right?

Thursday the 28th I got in another post-work paddle. This one had a nice surprise in that I got to the club around 8 PM, which was a full hour after the full moon paddle that was planned for the evening was supposed to have launched, but when I got there they were all still there! We'd had a pretty strong squall line pass through the area a little earlier; the rain just came bucketing down in Manhattan a little bit before I left work at around 6:30. I walked out of the office into an evening that was a bit on the warm side but had that sort of fresh-washed glow you'll sometimes get after a good NYC downpour. I followed the storm out into Brooklyn and that's what all of the other paddlers had waited for. When I got to the club things had mostly cleared up there, too, we were coming up on a beautiful sunset and there was one last storm cloud that trip leaders Vicky and Laurie were watching before they launched. That gave me just enough time to throw on paddling clothes and put lights on my boat (doesn't take me long to prep to paddle in the summertime), so I was able to launch with the crew, where I'd originally expected to launch solo - I figured that if I saw them out there, great, and if I missed them that would be ok too.

That did mean a shorter paddle than I might have done left to my own devices, due to the weather delay the full moon paddle was trimmed down to basically paddling out into the bay, watching for the moonrise, howling (full moon paddles require howling, of course), and then heading back to the club for snacks and refreshing beverages and socializing. I compromised and instead of going for the longer paddle I'd originally planned, stayed with the group, just doing loops when folks stopped to drift and chat. Good chance to work on boat control through edging and strokes, looking forward to more of work on the skills at the Hudson Valley Paddlesports Symposium this coming weekend. Edging on the right was feeling really mushy at the start but improved - this is the stuff I haven't been working on enough since my medical woes and I think it's going to be great to spend a couple of days tuning things up with some good instructors.

The evening on the bay was absolutely gorgeous - same washed-fresh feeling as I'd walked out into in Manhattan, beautiful sunset, beautiful big red moon rising up out of the haze over the Rockaway Peninsula, and early 4th of July fireworks here and there. Back in the basin, I caught my first firefly of the summer - poor firefly was actually swimming, I passed by this little green flash in the water as I was heading past the boat club just to our south, went back to see what it was, and fished it out and put it on my sprayskirt for a ride back to the club.  A beautiful, beautiful evening.

Here's photos - click any one for a slideshow (and don't miss the first one, that was my favorite shot of the evening!). 2nd to the last photo is the firefly! 


JP said...

I love paddling around the time of sunset, particularly just after when the water reflects the sky so beautifully

Lois Alter Mark said...

Wow, your photos are just gorgeous. I need to pick up my activity level as well!

Haralee Sleepwear said...

The Strawberry Moon is gorgeous. Paddling at night, you are brave even with lights. Great pictures.

Venti said...

Looks so peaceful and amazing! I would love to paddle by the light of a full moon.

1010ParkPlace said...

You're a fellow adventurer! Brava sweet lady!! Enjoyed reading about your paddle day and night. Brenda