Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday night paddle - around Ruffle Bar

Beautiful post-work paddle tonight, nothing fancy, just out and around Ruffle Bar with a couple of clubmates. 7 miles and change at a good steady clip, a solid workout paddling into about a 14 mph headwind going out and then of course the reward for that is a great downwind run going home. I didn't take too many pictures but of course there were a couple. Note about the osprey photo I usually try not to get too close to osprey nests because they get worried about kayaks, but I didn't realize there was one on the daymark until we were flying past it on the way back to the club. By the time I realized it was there I was right next to it and the wind and the waves were carrying me on past at a pretty good clip, so I went ahead and grabbed a shot as one of the parents circled the nest with a fish for the kids. Felt bad about disturbing them but I was happy with the photo!

Only other shots were back in the basin with one of the folks I'd paddled with making a nice silhouette against the late-afternoon sun (turned into a nice sunset a little later, sorry I didn't get that but I got offered a ride back to my neighborhood) and then the little half-moon. Great to get in a nice simple paddle on a beautiful evening like this. 

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