Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Great North River Tugboat Race and Skills Competition 2018

Still at work with a few more deadlines before the September rush is over, but I just took a break to caption my VERY EXTENSIVE Flickr album from the 26th running of the Great North River Tugboat Race and Skills Competition. As I probably say here way too often (except that it's not really possible to say it too often), Another Great Day On The Water! Yeah, it was so cold and drizzly that I was driven to buy a whole apple pie with absolutely no intention of sharing it afterwards, but still just so much fun.

Order of the album - Setup, Post Parade, Race, Bow-to-Bow Pushing, Line Tossing, and spinach eating. Sorry no pictures of the tattoo contest, there were some nice ones but it and the awards ceremony were both held in the classroom in the boathouse and I was way back at the back and couldn't see.

Thank you Working Harbor Committee!

Click here to visit the album. Enjoy!


Karen @BakingInATornado.com said...

Great pictures, I love the ones with the city in the background. You always look like you're having so much fun!

bonnie said...

Thanks! Work hard, play hard. I've had some great weekends here in September!