Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pie Helps.

as usual, plugs in this post are unsolicited, I just link because I like these places!

Rough week at work but at least there was PIE, thanks to my west side adventures on Sunday. My first non-sublet apartment was near 34th street and 9th Avenue and a good friend from college lived on 43 Street and had introduced me to The Little Pie Company of the Big Apple. Living in Brooklyn and working in SoHo, I don't get north of Union Square much these days, but volunteering for the tugboat race on Sunday got me back to the old neighborhood. A bunch of us went out for drinks and a bite at the Landmark Tavern (another old favorite from when I lived in the area) and I was toying with the idea of dessert at the pub when I suddenly remembered the Little Pie Company's Manhattan Plaza location.

I asked the folks who live in the area if the bakery was still at that location - locals said "Oh yes!" and Jean, one of the organizers and an old friend from my Pier 63 days, offered me a ride over there (the pub session was breaking up at this point anyways). Jean got me there 15 minutes before closing, I got the last apple pie of the day (there would have been plenty of other choices had I been too late for that, but it was a very autumnal-feeling wet and chilly day, so I was specifically craving a good basic apple pie), and have been enjoying it all week. September is one of my too-many-deadlines months at work as a number of calendar-driven projects coincide in a way that leads to a string of late nights. That's been very true this week, but at least I had pie. Good pie. Nostalgic pie, even. It helped.

I will at least make sure I leave at a decent hour today, I'm finishing the last current deadline thing today. More down the road, September is one of those months for me, but once I finish this one forecast and my daily sales reports the only other must-do today is of course to VOTE. Started my day with apple pie, finishing with voting - can I get much more American than that? 
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Diane Tolley said...

Yep as American as . . .
Our family are pie weirdos. Everything worth celebrating is celebrated with PIE. We even have pi(e) night every March 14. Ten kinds. Last year, Daughter #1 and I made 70. Mmmmm . . .

bonnie said...

That's SPECTACULAR! Sounds like the Pie Night a friend and I went to at a fancy local bakery last year - only homemade, so even better!

Pie Night, NYC style

bonnie said...

oh yeah, homemade and you don't get cut off after an hour. And you're home when you're done. Better all around!