Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Garden Update - end of season fried rice

Haven't done a garden update in ages - well, I pretty much neglected it horribly all summer and yet somehow it still grew things to eat. Aren't these carrots beautiful? "Carnival Blend" from a Colorado company, Botanical Interests. Sadly, the purple on the purple carrots is only skin-deep, once you peel 'em they're just orange. They were all good to eat, though.

Carrots were a new experiment, they worked pretty well. I pulled these ones the day we got home from vacation, completely ignoring the tall grass that was all over the place. 

Finally made it out to attend to the weeding on Sunday. Brought home more carrots (eaten before this picture), onions (lots more than this, the onions are the ONLY thing in the garden that goes all the way back to 2007, when the Sebago community gardening got going - yes, they even survived Sandy, I took a break from eating them for a long time after that - and they need regular thinning), and the green cherry tomatoes. Nice haul, and there's more out there still. 

Beet tops and green tomatoes may not be traditional fried rice ingredients, and the Russian sausage TQ picked up at a Coney Island grocery store when he had to go to the DMV out there is definitely an unusual ingredient - but it turns out "ljubitelskaja" is an acceptable substitute for Spam in a pinch. With Canarsie and Coney Island represented, this was some serious Brooklyn fried rice - came out good, too! Of course the funny thing is that when I started cooking I thought I was making a little bit of fried rice. Ha ha! 

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songbird's crazy world said...

Definitely an interesting dish.