Saturday, November 09, 2019

North Fork Vacation 1st Full Day - Lazy day with a walk on the beach

We checked into the Sunset Motel in Greenport late in the afternoon on Sunday to 20th. We went to find some dinner in town and passed the Long Island Kampground, where I've had a great time camping during the North Fork weekends that Sebago used to do regularly - it was a pretty soggy night, though, so I have to admit that it was nice to be driving past it to a nice dry room and not trying to keep the rain out of the tent. Especially since we were both on the tail ends of colds.

Monday turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day, would've been great for kayaking, but with both of us still being under the weather, we ended up just having a quiet day. I'd brought some leftovers, so decided we would have those for breakfast rather than going out, and seeing me pretty happily ensconced on the sun porch with a book and a cup of tea, TQ asked me if I'd mind if he went to get a haircut (his hair gets unruly when it gets beyond a certain length and it was bothering him) and I was absolutely fine with that.

The sun porch was one of a number of nice things about the motel - the room itself was nothing fancy, but it was clean and the bed was comfortable and every room in the place has a nice big screened porch overlooking Long Island Sound. We had wonderful temperatures while we were there, so every morning we ended up just getting up and hanging out here for a while. On Tuesday that got us into some trouble (more on that later) but on Monday morning this was just what the doctor ordered - TQ ran off to find a barber and I just enjoyed my book, my tea, and some peace and quiet. 

This was not that morning, but you can get the general idea!

When TQ got back, he joined me out there. Eventually we decided to go down to the beach for a bit of a stroll. It was beautiful! The water was low (one night a couple of days later we sat on the bottom step of the stairs to the beach looking at the stars and watching the waves roll in almost to our feet) and with a little bit of fun scrambling over boulders we were able to go a fair distance up the beach. The rocks showed fascinating swirling layers, an undercut bank gave us a good look at the root system of the invasive phragmites, we saw deer, dog, and raccoon tracks, and the water was so inviting-looking that if I hadn't been wearing mostly cotton, I think I would've been tempted to take a dip.

Not a fast start to our outdoor activities for the trip - but satisfying. 


songbird's crazy world said...

Sounds divine

bonnie said...

It was lovely!

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

I've wanted to tour the shores of Long Island since watched 'Sabrina' a hundred or so years ago. It looks like everything I imagined!