Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Sebago Dawn

sebago dawn from Bonnie on Vimeo.

Here is something peaceful for you. Dawn at the Sebago Canoe Club. I am not an early riser as a usual thing, but I got an invitation to try kayak fishing yesterday. I got a ride to the club with TQ, who leaves for work at 5 am.

There was this big peachy nearly full moon setting (sadly no pix, I just glimpsed it as it went down behind some trees across the basin) and a mockingbird performing his Concert To Greet The New Day. 

 My NYC fishing record continues to be "has yet to harm any fish" but I did get to bring home some good fresh fluke - one of the experienced fishers who took me out caught a great big one and was leaving town today. So at least I got a lesson in fish cleaning - and a delicious dinner of fresh fluke and fluke roe sauteed in butter with rice and steamed zucchini. More filets in the freezer, too.

Not many pix from the day because I had my hands full with fishing gear - but it was another beautiful day out on the bay.

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