Friday, July 24, 2020

Skywatch Friday, Midwood, Brooklyn

I still have one more post to do from last weekend's perfect weekend series - but we've had some dramatic weather here in NYC this week and I thought I would do another Skywatch Friday post. These were from a walk I took last night - I stayed pretty close to home in case the skies opened up; they threatened to do that at one point but after a few enormous raindrops sent all us pedestrians skittering for awnings, the sky said "Ha ha, just kidding" and went back to just being dramatic.

Just pictures after this - click on the first one for a slideshow view. Enjoy!  


Rebecca Olkowski said...

Cool clouds. kind of ominous looking.

songbird's crazy world said...

Very interesting skies

bonnie said...

Ominous but never really did anything!

We had some great storms at other times in the week, though. Nice to be still working from home & listening to the rain and the thunder.

Alana said...

As much as I love the sky, some of the objects that kind-of showed up in your post now has me wondering. The clock! The gate! I want to know more. (My late aunt and uncle lived for over 50 years in Midwood).

bonnie said...

The clock and the fence are both in Newkirk Plaza. The clock is just outside the station, and the fence is along the cut that the trains run in here.

I've heard rumors that the Newkirk Plaza shops were the first open-air mall in the country!