Friday, January 21, 2005

already slipping...

ok, so my skepticism regarding the probable longevity of this blog - see first post - wasn't misplaced. Just got a call from a relative who's in town & wants to have dinner tonight, so probably no original thoughts today; then I also just got invited to go help somebody who's teaching a set of paddling classes at a college in the area (I'm psyched, been feeling like my teaching skills have been rusting away from lack of practice so this'll be great!) so there go Wednesday posts -

but then the interesting difference between the multitudes of journals I've started & lost interest in and a blog is that in a traditional journal - you don't have the option of either pasting in something somebody else said really, really well OR linking to something else that's far more interesting than anything I could come up with on lunch hour (all the time I've got today):

She was supposed to talk about dresses. ha. yay for her.

let's see, statistics so far:
1/3rd of postings: original thoughts
1/3rd of postings: quotation
1/3rd of postings: linking to someone else's much more interesting blog...

boy am I lazy or what?

hm. maybe if options other than me writing every single entry all by myself existed, my on-paper journals would've had lifespans longer than those of your average mayfly.

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