Wednesday, January 26, 2005

wow. a record.

Wow. I have managed to do this for 6 days straight...that's definitely a record for journal-keeping for me. Runner-up would have to be a journal kept during a class trip to the Big Island in 7th grade & there was some extra credit involved in that one.

But six days for nothing but my own personal amusement? That's pretty good! This business of being able to cheat & link to other people's stuff or copy in quotes does help.

This is shaping up to be an oddball of a blog though ...knowing me it's going to stay that way for however long it lasts. I've heard that most blogs have some sort of theme - birdwatching, cooking, politics - but since this is purely for fun, heck, I'm gonna write my blog like I live my life - extremely interested in too many different things. I'm not an unsuccesful person, but I do sometimes joke that if I could pick one single thing on which to concentrate, I could probably be fabulous at whatever it was. But then I'd have to give up everything else, and that would make me sad. So I will just keep skipping from birdwatching to politics to kayaking to whatever grabs my attention'll be a mishmosh, but at least I'll enjoy it.

Ha. I always suspect that if I was a kid in this day & age instead of way back when, somebody would just diagnose me with something, put me on Ritalin and voila, straight-A student (as it was it was always "she has so much potential, if she'd only apply herself").

But really, I think my life's more fun this way. I might have more money & at least give more of an appearance of "success" as people commonly define the term - but I kind of like me the way I am.

And speaking of more fun, time to give myself a break tomorrow 'cause I'm going off to help teach a beginner kayaking class after work, and I'm SO excited about that! It's been a long time & I'm working with people I really respect & it's going to be a great chance to loosen up my rusty dusty teaching skills. I used to be an ACA-certified coastal kayaking instructor & taught a lot, I think I was even pretty good at it, but the New York City kayaking scene is a strange & politically fraught place & I eventually stepped away from it. Longer story than I want to go into right now plus I just wrote myself into a pretty darned good mood & don't want to wreck it (the headlines do that all too well every morning anyways). Suffice it to say I don't miss the politics at all. I do miss teaching though & am just so psyched to do this. In fact this might even turn into a kayaking blog for the next few weeks!

hmmm...look, I just said "next few weeks"...if I'm thinking that way...

maybe I should tell the folks whose blogs got me intrigued by this blogging thing that I am in fact blogging now - really did prefer to warm up being secret hermit blogger but the interplay between blogs is definitely a fun aspect of the whole thing - and I can't play if I don't tell anybody else that I want to, now can I?

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