Friday, December 07, 2007

Enough oddness.

OK, that's enough oddness for THIS blog for one week.

Here is a nice, normal TUGBOAT.

The Bridgeport. Jamaica Bay, September 2007. Tugster Will, if you are reading you will want to look at the full-sized version. Very smart-looking tug.

Another nice, normal TUGBOAT.

The Bulldozer, September 2007, East Norwalk, CT.

And here's a nice, normal JUNK.

No, wait. That's not normal. That's odd. At least in East Norwalk, CT. Maybe in Hong Kong Harbor...

But there's icky odd and there's odd in a nice way...

I'd say the Mon Lei is the latter. Wouldn't you?

Actually I was quite surprised to see the Mon Lei in Connecticut because she used to have a berth near the Intrepid. I'd see her a lot when I was paddling out of Pier 63. Have no idea what the story on the junk is but I was heading for the Ascenscion Beach Club and "Oh, hello again, long time no see!"


Unknown said...

Norwalk Cove Marina has large lifts that can haul heavy boats such as this. Most likely that is why she goes there in the winter.

Unknown said...

I would like to know where is Mon Lei now. Maybe o could bring her back home to Hong Kong.