Friday, December 28, 2007

Wednesday's Headline News: Kayak Gang Invades Howard Beach (or, Getting Back to the Usual Stuff)

Have You Seen These Kayakers?

Last seen pillaging the pasta & pizza of Gino's Pizza in Howard Beach, the paddlers should be considered stuffed and extremely somnolent.

Yes, the hoped-for Pasta Paddle mentioned in the last trip report (Ruffle Bar) went off very very nicely! We had a group of 7, a great turnout this time of year, made for a fun day. The 10:30 on a nearly full-moon day with a 3:30 low water did mean, as I'd posted in the Yahoo invitation, a good appetite-building workout on the way there; we still had a pretty rockin' ebb for the ride back, which was good since some of us were totally stuffed.

The day started with the sun peeking out in a little blue sky - but that foolishness was shortlived. Still a good day out of the water (and in the restaurant, and around the nice warm woodstove chatting over the pros & cons of canoes & other random topics afterwards).

So nice when it's just us and the brants.

Finding Nemo was the sole dark moment. Or should I say, a clownfish dark moment?

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