Saturday, December 06, 2008

Brooklyn Mermaids

Coney Island Kitschy -

(taken on Astroland's last day, eartlier this year)

Atlantic Ave Antique-y

Taken en route to the Mary Whalen's birthday party. Any estate owners looking for a little lawn decor? There's your number!

The Mary Whalen's party was great, I saw a lot of friends, even met a couple of people who feel like friends although I've only exchanged emails or blog comments with them, had some delicious birthday cake & hot cider & in the end was lucky enough to be treated to a Pegasus ride! Great afternoon on the waterfront.

Took a lot of pictures, there'll be a gallery soon.

In the meantime, I'm stealing a page from the Never Sea Land playbook!

BTW, one of his recent mermaid post features the most beautiful animation I think I've ever seen, Alexander Petrov's The Mermaid. Worth a look.

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