Friday, December 19, 2008

NYC a few minutes ago...(plus the last garden produce of the year)

Looking at the Hudson from one of the Wired New York webcams

What was it I was saying in comments yesterday? Something about the Midwest kayak bloggers' themes running along the lines of dark, cold, ice and snow?

OK, it's still just BARELY below freezing. I wore a hat today but skipped the gloves. No particular danger of losing extremities & if I wasn't going out of town for the holidays I'd probably be going paddling tomorrow. So, I can't really complain, can I?

Updating later -

Snow on the rooftops of Soho. Brought my camera

Perfect weather for turning my very last produce from the Sebago Diggers' 2008
growing season into soup. I'd decided to skip squash this year after the squash borers k.o.'d my kabocha, but we ended up having a number of volunteer butternuts turning up in people's beds this year & there were enough for the squash lottery winners to share. Nice, huh?

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