Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lunchtime Links - Random Thoughts & Stocking Stuffers

Busy week getting ready for vacation!

I don't twitter, but if I did twitter, last night my tweet would have been "Just ate a chocolate-covered Pringle. Do not think I will make a habit of this". Today I have the candy box song from the musical "She Loves Me" running through my head as I navigate the myriad temptations of the holiday office.

We become indiscreet,
eating sweet after sweet,
though we know all too well where that may lead

'Nuff said?

Said temptations are not QUITE as myriad as last year, but the goodies haven't quite been written off!

Anyways - I hope to get home early enough to put up a couple more pictures from Sunday but I'm just taking a quick lunch break & had wanted to post a couple of shameless plugs for nifty things that friends & business associates of mine are making that might make nice holiday presents!

In the nautical theme - how about a nice tugboat calendar? My friends Brian and Karen have been spending a lot of time out on the good boat Puffin in pursuit of their quest to travel under all of the Moveable Bridges operated by NYC's DOT (as well as lots of non-questy trips). They finished off this year with the Harlem & East River bridges. Brian takes some nice pictures & has got an NYC Tugboat calendar (and lots more items) for sale on CafePress.

And this other one's pretty random but a former co-worker of mine has got a home business making candles & soap; another former co-worker of mine, who has been helping her out with the holiday shipping, had stopped by the office to say hello last week, ended up giving me a sample of her soap 'cause I was asking about it, and, well, it's really nice & it might be that I ordered a few gifts for assorted aunts & uncles...

Fun having talented friends - it's sort of like taking the whole locavore thing & making it personal!

That's all for now!

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