Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain, Rain, Please Do Stay!

I think I heard the plants of Midwood & Ditmas Park singing a nursery rhyme today -

Rain, Rain, Please Do Stay,

soak our dry roots for a day

save our leaves that fall away

rain, rain, please, please stay!

I'd been puttering around in my apartment all afternoon when the sounds from outside started changing. First the rustle of leaves, then a long hiss of rain. After the heat wave we've been having, a walk in the rain? Fabulous. Out I went. Wasn't just me, either, everyone was out watching the rain. The young lady with the red umbrella in the first picture echoed my own thoughts so perfectly I laughed to hear it - "Isn't this WONDERFUL?"

Unfortunately, although it started strong, it petered out to barely a drizzle. That did last for some time over the afternoon, but our poor local flora really looks like it could use a good, long, steady rain to begin recovering from this long, dry, hot spell. I hadn't been out much during the heat wave, actually working some extra hours, partly to get ahead of my work so that I can relax & enjoy my upcoming homecoming (ok, technically it's a reunion but it feels like a homecoming, too), but also partly to stay in the AC. I'd known it was dry, I've been worried about my own garden (although when I asked, enough of my fellow gardeners said that they'd been watering that I chose to skip the long trip out - I'll see how it came through tomorrow), but I was a little shocked to see the condition of our area's beautiful trees - it almost looked like fall out there.

Forecast is showing scattered thunderstorms all week. Here's hoping they scatter themselves generously.

Planning a good long paddle tomorrow, so I will see how the garden's doing then & take my turn watering anything that's looking droopy, if today's brief downpour wasn't enough.

Hope my basil is OK - it was doing fine last weekend but I found out from my friends with the chickens that this year's version of the terrible tomato blight is a terrible basil blight...


Baydog said...

Amen to the generous scattering of showers. We must protect the basil.

Carol Anne said...

Here in New Mexico, we're still waiting for the steady female rain; we've just been getting tantalized by the dramatic male rain.

bonnie said...

So far the basil is OK. Picked a bunch yesterday, originally just planned the first batch of pesto of the season, but think I may also wax extremely self-indulgent & stop by Gourmet Garage to pick up some good tomatoes & fresh mozzarella on my way home from work.