Thursday, July 08, 2010

Vicarious Pac Cup.

Go Valis Go!

OK, actually right now it sounds like it's more a case of Drift Valis Drift. :( But I'm sure things will improve & in the meantime, hey, 0.00 kts on a sailboat in the Pacific beats 0.00 kts in a cubicle in New York City any day.


Joe said...

Pacific sat image.

Pressure map

Carol Anne said...

There's the saying that you're paraphrasing, "A bad day on the water beats a good day at the office." At Elephant Butte, one of the fishing guides has named his boat "The Office."

bonnie said...

Looks like they've got some wind now!

Carol Anne, the funny thing is that I didn't even realize I was paraphrasing that quote, which of COURSE I've heard, until you pointed it out!

I was just sitting in a cubicle doing 0.00 kts, reading about people in a sailboat doing 0.00 kts & thinking how much nicer the latter is.

Joe, thanks for the additional stuff!

JP said...

I dunno. If you've got nearly 2,000 NM to go, you're in the watch system, racing and your boat speed is zero, well that can be pretty frustrating.

But they seem to be moving now - up to 5 knots!

O Docker said...

You can track the location of all the Pac Cup boats, including Valis, here.

You need to zoom in a few times and scroll around a bit.

The fastest boats won't start until tomorrow, five days after Valis, but Valis looks to be doing well in her division, so far.

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