Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Buoy Afterthoughts -

There were a couple of links that ended up not making it into "Buoy Crazy" - but they ended up in comments or on Facebook, so I figured I'd go ahead & put 'em up here today (for fun, and because I haven't got anything else to say today anyways).

1. I like the way that living things other than humans also seem to like buoys. I'd ended up deciding that that aspect was a little off the tack I'd taken, but then Pandabonium mentioned fond memories of sailing out to a quarter-mile buoy to see the sea lions, and that sent me straight to Buzznet on my lunch hour to retrieve this.

An opportunisitic mini-ecosystem!
An opportunisitic mini-ecosystem!

2. The wonderful Bowsprite had an illustrated story a couple of weeks back that would have fit in PERFECTLY at the point where I mentioned the fact that buoys do occasionally MOVE. However, I was afraid to send you over there that early in my post because you might have been so charmed over there that you would forget to come back. This is a known risk of linking to Bowsprite. However, I think I can send you over to her cautionary tale now.

3. The connection between this link and buoys is that I'm adding it because Joel at Sailing Rocks! liked my mnemonic enough to pass it along, and told me about it, and I went over to see, and I got to looking at his other posts, and Helicopter-Assisted Sailing completely cracked me up.

4. And to REALLY get into Byrnesian navigation:

I wrote a post about buoys
There was a mnemonic in my post
Joel put my mnemonic on his blog
According to Joel, sailing rocks
Rap Replinger rocked
Chant'um, tita!

ps - that last link is entirely Pandabonium's fault.

pps - Captain JP - I say "BOO-ee", how 'bout you-ee?


Tillerman said...

I think a lot of girls have afterthoughts following their initial burst of enthusiasm for a buoy.

O Docker said...

Buoys are all alike.

They leave you in the middle of nowhere to find your own way home.

bonnie said...

Nah, that's a GPS.

moonstruck said...

The Boo-ee tenders are smashing the ice on the river!! Single digits again tonight. Still 3 ft of snow and ice in my yard. This Winter is getting silly!!!
Dennis G

bonnie said...

I heard some nasty rumour about the temperature dropping 20 degrees tonight!

Pandabonium said...

Oh dat Rap. Puka puka pants and chiken a dobo! Garans ball-barans. love it. ea ea.

bonnie said...

Loved seeing Fate Yanagi on your blog the other day. Good to see Andy Bumatai too. Still remember taking my dog for a walk on the commercial break in "All In The Ohana" and seeing every TV set in the neighborhood tuned to the same channel.

Of course back then, there were only, what, four channels to choose from, yeah?

JP said...

Oh boy, where to begin?