Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sebago Canoe Club Teaches Kayaking to "Swim Strong" @ Flushing Meadow Corona Park Aquatic Center

Sebago ran a special session for some of the kids in New York City's SwimStrong program weekend before last.

I was sorry to have to miss it (tummy bugs don't go well with kayaking OR children), but TQ reported that everybody had a great time, and that's backed up by the faces in Chris's wonderful album! Click here to see more.

(cross-posted from Sebago Canoe Club - probably won't have time to post until the weekend, but at lease I leave you with some cute kids!


Pandabonium said...

I hope you are feeling well soon. Tummy bugs don't go well with anything that I know of.

Looks like a good program. The pics remind me that I sometimes had a tough time of it getting back aboard my kayak after snorkeling at Makena, Maui. I learned not to take off my fins as they added oomph. (I must have looked like a walrus!) hahaha

bonnie said...

Oh, I'm all better now, thanks. This was the weekend before last, I was on my 3rd day and better than I'd been on the 2nd day, but still not up snuff for paddling/teaching children. They had a good crew, though - TQ, Minh, Milton, Walter & Tony. Milton actually got one of the kids to roll!