Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plate lunch, with a side of Hawaiian political history.

Unfortunately, the politics weren't as yummy as the plate lunches, but the things that happened, happened, and those who love the islands don't pretend that they didn't, or that it didn't matter.

In this reading from her book Unfamiliar Fishes, Sarah Vowell does a fascinating job of dancing between the two - and gives a marvelous description of how one of my favorite island meals came to be.

Amazing. It's almost as though Ms. Vowell had decided to answer Essay Question Number Six in Carol Anne's New Writing Project!


Pandabonium said...

Clever video. Somehow I never got into plate lunch - never look very healthy to me. Miss Sam Sato's crispy gau gee min on Maui though - mmmm.

Joe said...

Ah, plate lunch. I fondly remember eating chili with a plate full of rice and 2 fried won tons...it was kind like my every day kaukau.

Gee, I feel like skipping down memory lane. No Hu Hu - Call Magoo's at 808.949.5381. They're back! http://www.hawaiigrinds.com/2011/02/magoos-planning-a-comeback/

Baydog said...

Always with macaroni salad? I think cole slaw would go better, no? Who am I.

bonnie said...

Yes, always macaroni salad. Yes, that means 2 starches. Yes, cole slaw would make more sense - a nice limu (seaweed) salad or something would be good too, or vegetables.

Actually, remember my post where I was talking about the foods that the Tillers could try if they went to Hawaii? The plate lunch I showed there, I'd actually opted for vegetables - but I specifically mentioned that this was completely unorthodox!

Pat said...

That's the Reform plate lunch?

bonnie said...