Sunday, January 29, 2017

Marching again - Rally and March for Immigrants and Refugees, NYC, 1/29/2017 (and farewell to a friend I never got to meet)

Starting at Battery Park (appropriately within view of the Statue of Liberty, right by the Immigrants Memorial, and across the street from the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian) and travelling up to the US Courthouse at Foley Square. The new ban is un-American by my way of thinking, and I'm grateful to have had the chance to march with fellow New Yorkers of all types to say so. And I marched today in honor of a wonderful FB friend who passed away very unexpectedly a day or two ago - she was one of the founders and moderators of the Facebook group Church of the Double-Bladed Paddle, (FB membership required to view) and we'd had enough conversations for her to be squarely in that group of FB friends who I genuinely would have loved to meet someday. I think she had that effect on a lot of people - she was so genuine and warm in her love of the sport.

A lot of the "parishioners" went out paddling in her honor today; I had at one point (before the news broke) had thoughts of paddling today, but then I found out about today's rally and decided to do that instead. The FB group is apolitical, it's just about sharing the joy and peace and beauty that people all over the world find on the water, but on her own wall, Cat had been following the various protests with enthusiasm up until the end. As I looked out at the shining water of NY Harbor when I first got to Battery Park, I thought "This one's for you, Cat". I think she would've liked that. Can't believe she's gone.

It was a good day, an estimated 10,000 people turned out. That's it for the writeup, click on any photo for a slideshow.


kate mayer said...

I'm sorry for your loss, and respect the way you chose to honor your friend while using your paddle and voice to protest unfair practices. Such a lovely tribute.

Haralee said...

Sorry for your loss. I am sure she would have loved the way you honored her spirit in the march!

bonnie said...

Thank you both. This was such a shock. One day she seemed to be fine, then she posted that she was calling an ambulance, and now she's gone. Such a lovely person.

Alana said...

I am also sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way to honor your friend. I intend to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park one day to honor my late best friend from childhood, who passed away in September of 2015. She wanted to take me there and was never able to. I was watching on TV. I'm forever grateful my country was there to take my grandparents in when they came knocking on the door.

bonnie said...

Oh, Alana. Thank you, and I'm so sorry about your friend.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is beautiful, you will love it when you come.