Monday, January 09, 2017

Two Bridges Hike with Laurie

Great morning today! Usually it's very hard to pry me out of Brooklyn once over a weekend, let alone twice, but I made the trek in during Saturday's snowstorm to see Hidden Figures (I'd said something on Facebook about wanting to see it, and friends who were going immediately invited me along, and I was so glad, that's an outstanding movie) and then on Sunday I came in again!

 My friend Laurie likes to organize groups of friends for walks and today's plan was a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is something I always enjoy, followed by dim sum in Chinatown, which is also a very tempting thing. The third part of her plan, which she didn't announce until we were enjoying our scrumptious brunch at Jing Fong, NYC's largest Chinese restaurant (at least according to this interesting article), was to walk back to Brooklyn afterwards over the Manhattan Bridge.

By the time we finished, I was so stuffed that what I really wanted was to teleport straight to my bed for a long winter's nap, but since that was not an actual option, I decided that the walk across the bridge was probably a good idea.

It was cold and windy, but oh, it was pretty out there, and it was fun walking with Laurie, she loves to take time to reall look at things - she said "I love walking around and looking up", that's her in the 7th picture, with the red-orange scarf, looking up at the grand arch in one of the government buildings downtown. I actually used to work in that area but I didn't always have the time to really savor the architectural details, this was so pleasant that you could almost forget how cold it was.

We got an early enough start on the whole thing (meeting at the Brooklyn Bridge at 8:45, dim sum at 10, which with the cold weather was early enough that the restaurant hadn't begun to fill up, so we walked right in, and I think we were back in Brooklyn around 1) that I had the afternoon free to play with, and when Laurie decided to catch the Q train with me and go to the Flatbush food co-op on Cortelyou Road, I decided I would go with her and if they had the extra-delicious unhomogenized Jersey cow milk from Ithaca they sometimes have. They did, so the afternoon ended up being laundry and cheesemaking. Cottage cheese, since I had all afternoon. Extra delicious with the really good milk. And yes, eventually there was a nap! Here's pix from the bridge walks, plus the cottage cheese! Click on the first one for a slideshow view.


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

These pictures are amazing! We don't have much jaw-dropping architecture out here in Alberta. Anything 50 years old gets torn down and replaced with newer and more inferior. It's a tragedy. Thank you for taking me along on your hike. And now I want a bowl of cottage cheese . . . Sigh.

bonnie said...

And it's the yummiest cottage cheese, too! :D

Thanks so much for stopping by. This was a spectacular day for picture taking, everything all blue and white.

There was a period in NYC's history when the in thing to do was tear down beautiful old things and put up modern stuff, but fortunately we have enough cool old buildings here that the trend died out before the good stuff was all gone.

Haralee said...

How fun. I wrote a blog a couple of years ago about 'How about a hike with that lunch". I seem to have friends who like to hike and eat in that order. I love dim sum.