Wednesday, January 11, 2006


yippee yahoo hee hee ha ha woo hoo -

just sent the following email to Sweetwater Kayaks...

Hi - OK there was a possible issue with having some reports covered but that's taken care of, so I do want to sign up for the classes we discussed (if space still available,Greenland Rolling Tuesday, Disc. Learning Wednesday, Greenland Sports thursday, Fun with Foster on Friday). Looking at the form, I do have a couple of questions before I can calculate my total -

1. I do need to rent a boat; on the form you have per-day costs & then a 3-day
discount rate for the symposium; is there a 4-day discount rate for the 4-day BCU/Greenland event? As long as I'm asking about gear - I do have all my own stuff but it would definitely cut down on the bulk of my gear if I used your pfd & sprayskirt instead of bringing mine. Would you recommend bringing my own (I've done a wide range of the Greenland rolls in mine & know it allows me the full range of motion those require) or would you say that yours would probably be OK?

2. What are the food arrangements for BCU/Greenland week - are there box lunches
available for that, or is that just the symposium?

other than that, can't wait.

There's a piece of my brain that is reacting very much like a dog who's just been asked if it wants to go for a w - a - l - k...

can't wait can't wait! Two days with Cheri, Turner, and Dubside, two days with Nigel Foster - can't think of a much more promising lineup than that.

I'm feeling positively carbonated. YAY!

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