Friday, January 27, 2006

Salisbury Mark's tag!

Oy, what a week - glad at least that my last post was a nice one since I didn't have a chance to do any writing after that this week! I had to be very diligent at work this week because it's half my department's turn to move this week, so in addition to the usual work, I also had to pack my desk up. That's all done, and now I keep reaching for a calculator that's not there, or going to put a faxed invoice in a tray that's not there, and so on and so forth - so that kept me busy & working late (and last Sunday too, just to get one very bulky project finished off, which I'm glad I did even though it cost me any paddling last weekend, 'cause I'd be sweating right about now trying to finish that off before the IT people come to take my computer away). Plus Wednesday night was the first Sarah Lawrence pool session (beginning kayaking for Sarah Lawrence students from 7 - 8:30, immediately followed by rolling classes for the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club from 8:30 - 9:45 - so that kept me out pretty late. I intended to post a little about that last night, but stayed a bit late finishing my packing, got home & first my dad called to say hi, then I curled up on one of my pieces of living room furniture with a kid's book (Guardians of Ga'Hoole, if you must know) - piece of furniture in question was something I think I should call the Futon of Nap, friends of mine gave it to me when I moved as they had needed to put a stationary bike in the little corner that the frame had been made for. The futon is a standard double & a bit too long for the frame, so it's bent up in one corner & the effect is like a cross between a hammock and a chaise-longue, and if I'm the least bit sleepy, curling up on it with a good book is guaranteed to lead to dozing off (particularly pleasant on a sunny summer afternoon, when a nice breeze is coming through the open windows, the living room light is all dappled with the light filtering through the leaves of the ailanthus tree - that's the a-tree-grows-in-Brooklyn tree btw - and the birds are chirping & kids are playing somewhere a ways away...ahhh) - anyways, last night was no exception.

How's that for a digression? I should have called this "In Praise Of The Futon My Friends Gave Me". I started out meaning to just do a quick post, 'cause Salisbury Mark has tagged me with a game that I think even I can keep short, perfect for a lunchtime blog break. Without further adieu - the challenge is to list 8 points that my "perfect partner" would have. Way to put a person on the spot, eh? At first I asked if I could get off the hook with a forfeit eating haggis to celebrate Burns Night (and posting a photo of self doing so) - which was last night & I forgot to even have a Scotch in his honor - but then I decided this was preferable. So here goes:

1. He should be a mensch (wonderful word, hooray for Yiddish!)
2. Shares my liking for boats & the other outdoorsy stuff I like doing every now & then.
3. Likes me for who I am (convincing me of that may be tricky...).
4. Likes himself for who he is.
5. Funny would be lovely.
6. Intelligent would also be nice.
7. Reasonably adventurous
8. Doesn't need to be together ALL the time...

ok the moving guys are here so I gotta shut down (which is good 'cause I'm already looking at this going "ok, what did I miss, where does it cover 'accepting of imperfection without being defeatist about it', wouldn't something about liking to cook be fun, this is why I'm bad at memes, 'cause I actually get perfectionist about it...) but quick quick, I get to tag 8 people - off the top of my head, Chosha, Happysurfer, Wenley, Loup, FH20, and I'll think of more later 'cause they're coming to take me away (or at least my computer)!

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