Monday, January 09, 2006

new drysuit en route

Just got off the phone with Kokatat - at first I was going to wait until tomorrow but I'm glad I didn't because this time, I got transferred to the repair manager, who happened to be walking past the guy who answered my call just as he was talking to me. She had access to notes the customer service folks didn't - namely the ones saying that the pressure test folks had said that my old suit wasn't worth fixing & instead I should be offered a good deal on a new one. Evidently the part about calling me back to let me know was left in limbo, but that happens over the holidays, and the deal was good enough (in fact just a bit more I paid for the old one six years back, VERY nice!) to smooth any ruffled feathers before I could even think about getting shirty with her (and she was very nice anyways, and I couldn't figure out any way that getting cranky about the delay, if there actually was one, was going to improve the situation, so why bother?). I went for nothing fancy, just the basic Swift Entry coated-nylon model (it's not the non-breathability of my old drysuit I disliked as the gaskets - oh, yeah, I did forego the gore-tex socks in the interest of getting back in my boat - & putting it on and taking it off) and they're sending it by Fed-Ex, to my office, which means a pretty good shot of being on the water this coming weekend. Yeah!

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