Friday, April 04, 2008

A Few More Events -

Quick cut & paste -

1. Tomorrow, 4/5/08 - Well, I don't see it on his site but I heard some rumour that NY Kayak is running a cold water workshop tomorrow, 4/5/08, at 11 am. If you're interested, Contact info is on his website, call for details!

BTW, reminds me that it's time for my annual worrywart moment - This is actually the worst time of year for boating accidents as the warm air tempts people out without the right gear - there've already been a couple of close calls being discussed on various kayak forums. Randy will run a good workshop; if you're not in the NY area or aren't free to go, but want more info, here's my favorite cold-water boating site!

2. Dubside in Yonkers (woohoo!)

Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club invites you to a special presentation by Dubside.

WHEN: Thursday, April 10 , 7pm - 9pm

WHERE: Beczak Environmental Center, 35 Alexander Street, Yonkers, NY

Dubside will preview the latest video he's working on and talk about his experiences and share his insight on traditional methods in modern day kayaking.

Come out and enjoy a fun and informal evening! If you have ever been interested in kayak rolling, rope gymnastics (Qajaasaarneq) or going to Greenland, this is not to be missed! Bonus points if you come able to pronounce any of the rolls in Greenlandic!

Dubside's skills at competition rolling are among the best in the world, and his knowledge and talent for Greenland rope gymnastics are unsurpassed anywhere outside of Greenland. Dubside competed at the Greenland Kayaking Championships in 2004 and 2006. Dubside currently has two videos out: "Greenland Rolling With Dubside" and "Qajaasaarneq- Greenland Rope Gymnastics", and has been featured in seakayaking videos "This is the Sea III" and "Pacific Horizons". More info at

Beczak Environmental Center is located on the shores of the Hudson River, right next door to YPRC. Steps away from the Yonkers Metro North stop on the Hudson Line- about 1/2 and hour from Grand Central

This is open to the public and all are invited to attend.

A $15 voluntary contribution is being asked in order to offset the cost of the program.

Bonnie's note - if you are even REMOTELY curious about some of the rolling stuff I sometimes talk about, go check it out - Dubside's unique!

3. Need Small Boat Stuff (up to & including a totally sweet little handcrafted, race-ready Optimist that makes me want to be 10 again, only 10 with a more courage about tippy little sailboats than I had when I actually was 10)? The Small Boat Shop in Norwalk, CT is having their annual warehouse sale on April 11, 12 & 13. For full details, check their website.

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