Sunday, April 20, 2008

They're Baaaack

We Are Not Alone.

Yup, the ospreys were back a couple weeks ago; haven't seen the terns or the black skimmers yet but the internally-combustive flocks are returning (or more coming out of their cocooned winter hibernation)!

Saturday was GORGEOUS, of course - anybody who had a boat in the water HAD to be out in it.

Lots of work going on at the neighboring yacht clubs.

No more blithely meandering around in the channel for us tiny craft. Not that we're ever really blithe about being in the channel - but we do get spoiled in the winter, when you can go for a 10 mile paddle & see maybe one or two motorboats.

Saturday's 10-miler, we saw dozens. Mostly jes' fishin'.

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