Monday, April 07, 2008

Great article about revitalized NY waters

No time for a real post right now but there was a really excellent article in this week's Gotham Gazette. Anyone who's ever been pleasantly surprised by any of my various encounters with NYC wildlife (and not of the club variety) will really enjoy the article - it's a very good description of how the formerly notorious waters of NYC heal themselves when we let them.

Thanks, Dredger Owen, for the NYCKayaker heads-up!

P.S. - And speaking of wildlife...uh oh, my friends on the Hudson River might want to take a look at the Very Important Warning that Dennis up at the Chelsea Yacht Club (not Chelsea in Manhattan, Chelsea further up the river) posted in yesterday's comments. I don't recall getting any nips but might take a little "treatment" just to be safe, y'know...


ok, back to work.

PS aw heck, ultrashort trip report... Sunday, launched Rex Marina 10:15ish. Winds NE 15-20 kts. Up the Norwalk River to the 1st little rapid, back down, out for a full lap clockwise lap of the Norwalk Islands, starting out around Cockenoe (the Lasers were out again, looked to be having a blast, too cold & windy to stop this time, also not as photogenic a day as last week, but fun to see 'em anyways), outside the islands, lunch break on Sheffield, back to Rex at 4, somewhere around 17 miles. Then TQ & I went for a minihike afterwards. Lotsa birds, lotsa chop, lotsa fun & very very good exercise but BOY have I been a weekend warrior lately. Can't wait for postwork paddling to become practical (e.g., longer days & less gear - not much longer now)!

pps: thanks, Claire!

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