Friday, May 16, 2008

And for those who'd rather read about surfing...

Very odd, the Times has had 2 articles about surfing in, like, the last week. Don't know what's up with that but I'm not complaining. Here's today, posted now as a service for those of you who are at the point where their eyes glaze over when talk of the presidential race begins (personally I'm mostly there, I don't know what it was about those 2 today - I'm not usually a big fan of David Brooks, either.

Surfing is cool, though. I took a lesson at the Hans Hedemann School of Surfing that's mentioned in the article once - it was totally on a whim, but it was "plenty good fun", the kid who was my instructor was great, and although I haven't board-surfed since then, I came away with a new appreciation of the sport. Might write more about that after work today.

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