Friday, May 02, 2008

Guest Blogger Alpha Orion!

No time to write today but Alpha Orion, who comments here occasionally & with whom I exchange emails pretty regularly, had sent me a link to some great pictures, I loved 'em & he said I could post that here -


Here was the intro:
Early April we race the famous EssoBee in the Bald Head Island Regatta, and had
a great time. Lost one day to squalls and tide issue (they wanted to put safety before fun, reluctantly.) The link here is to some pictures a professional photograher took and posted. Some great shots. This was my first ocean race.


and ps don't miss Dennis G's Racing Tips in the comments!

Mind you, I'm not saying follow them. I'm just saying don't miss them. That's all!
Thanks, Dennis! :D

pps Oh I will very quickly add that I took my first post-work paddle of the year last night. Good hard paddle, 8 miles, out to the bridge & back - mainly focusing on trying to find a speed that I can hold for 3 miles. It was a drizzly evening & I thought I'd have the bay to myself, but I ran into 4 count 'em 4 other kayakers - all fishermen getting ready for the big tournament!

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