Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunscreen Information

Continuing in my trend of pretending to blog by posting links to interesting things that other people have written because I have no time to actually write anything myself -

The days are getting longer, the weather's getting nicer, the water's still cool but at least in NY we're past wear-drysuit-or-die cold (although I have still been wearing mine because I keep going out when it's blowing & I know I'm going to be drenched even if I stay right-side up the whole time, just from the spray), so no, not gonna harp on hypothermia again -

No, today's cheater link is to a really excellent post I stumbled across on Antigua Adventure - it's an excellent post about sunscreen.

p.s. I have to apologize to various people who have tagged me - I have good & bad excuses:

Bad - Work has been crazy.
Good - Despite work insanity, I think I've gotten in well over ten miles of paddling every week for the last few weeks running, plus a good bit of gardening.

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