Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The coolness of photosharing sites...

If you looked at the Seal Watching 2 With Bonus Snowy Owl gallery I put up over on Flickr, you'll know that I utterly failed to come through with a picture of the Snowy Owl.

Instead, I offered this:

There's a snowy owl over there, I swear

with the title "There's a snowy owl over there, I swear".

There really is. And actually, knowing where the owl was, I think I can see a little light spot that I swear could quite possibly be our owl:

Or maybe the owl is the other little light speck in the sand patch to the right. Hard to tell.

Yes, great little toy that it is, I an resigned to the fact that I am not winning any wildlife photography contests armed with my Pentax Optio W20.

However, my picture in which I swore there was a snowy owl was enough to prompt a birdwatcher who goes by the nom de Flick "davidlepnyc (on a break)" to send me a Flickr-mail asking me where we'd seen this invisible bird - he wanted to go find one himself before the birds all head back to the tundra.

I told him the location (we were in the corner of the parking lot of the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center), wished him luck & asked him to let me know if he found one.

Well, he did - and he's got much better camera than mine!

Sometimes the Intrawebs are just too cool.

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