Monday, March 02, 2009

A Messy Commute

Well, March came in like the proverbial lion with this big March 2nd snowstorm. I wouldn't quite say the snowstorm wreaked havoc with my morning commute, all in all, considering the conditions, I think things were not too terrible on the B line. Predictable delays. It was a little messy, though -- you certainly heard a little grumbling & cursing.

Here's some pictures from the messy morning rush hour:

Foster Avenue

There was a bit of a crowd on the platform. I've seen worse, though. This many people on a day like this means the trains are running, but you're going to need patience.

After a bit of a wait, a snow-encrusted B train arrives.

Great. On the train, should be moving along soon. Better than I expected.

But then the snow encrustation proved to be too much - the doors were frozen. The conductor opened and closed 'em a dozen times; then tried an old-fashioned fix, walking to the problem cars trying to kick the ice loose, to no avail. So they had to kick us all off the train. Banished.

Waiting on a jam-packed platform while the conductor makes sure everybody's off the train. Took forever (or at least 10 minutes).

Left waiting. Next train came & went without everyone here being able to fit.

The third B train of the day arrives. I don't think I saw any Q trains at all - they must've been having even worse problems.

I wonder how many Aruba trips get sold on days like this?

SoHo in the snow

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