Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Flowers, a Veddy Fancy Fish, and Ogma Ogma Ogma.

Remember my bad scrod poem the other day? Well, on Saturday, The golden koi did indeed delight mine eye - this one especially! Check out the fanciness!

And a few nice early spring flowers, and promises of more to come...

All taken in Green-Wood Cemetary - TQ was in town & since he was coming from PA & didn't have gear, I had to come up with something else. So I took him for a walk in a graveyard. Romantic, huh? No, seriously, we went on one of Steve Baldwin's Brooklyn Parrot Safaris. We didn't have the raptor-parrot drama that my friends & I were lucky enough to see the last time I went (You can see my slide show from that day here), but it was another thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you, Steve! I took plenty of pictures, and there will probably be a parrot themed post or two this week.

Possibly pizza pictures too. It was pretty special pizza. There's always room for parrots & pizza on this boat blog!

Speaking of that slide show, did you realize that "raptor" and "parrot" are anagrams of each other?

And speaking of wordplay - I didn't really set this up as a challenge, specifically, but I had the best time reading some of the "Ogma" variations people came up with in the comments after I explained the origin of the name of this blog. They really need to be up here in a post!

Pandabonium, who is a flyer, sort of started it trying to come up with a similar term for aviators, who apparently have similar self-appointed Safety Squads..."Fly-ogma? Flogma? Aviogma?"

Things really started going downhill when the Puffin himself checked in:
"I've also now imagined Clogma for shoe dogma, Togma for clothes etc, because I'm a pretty simple guy. Eggnogma?"

Being pretty simple (or at least easily amused) myself, I couldn't resist jumping in:

A Harley rider could start Hogma.
A rum fancier could write Grogma.
A cultured European traveler could write Praguema.
A fan of, uh, de-regulating industry could write Smogma.
An easily amazed person could write All Agogma

ok, I am stretching it with that last one or two there. What else?

O-docker rose (or maybe sank) to the challenge with:

Sail on the Bay - Fogma
I'm a Lumberjack, I'm okay! - Logma
Run around outside - Jogma
Fit to be tied - Flogma

O-docker has not got a blog, but keeps those of us who do on our toes by being one of the slyest commenters in boat blogdom, for which service I believe Lord Admiral Tillerman has appointed him, what was it, Poet Laureate and also Secretary of the Navy?

Stan from Kayaking Dreaming came in with:
"I like this post. Kind of nostogma." Yes, Stan, you're right, that was stretching it, but keep posting about stuff like actual ice rescue training & all is forgiven!

Peconic Puffin came back in with:

"hating digital...Analogma" (I almost died rolling on the floor laughing)

And Don's got the last word so far with "Parental abuse - Flogma".

I am indeed all agogma.


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