Monday, June 01, 2009

Free Public Kayaking in Yonkers!

Well shoot. I knew I was gonna leave somebody out of my big list last week & it turns out that I left out some old friends. Boo! So here, they get their own post:

The Yonkers Paddling & Rowing offers free public kayaking at the Kennedy Marina in Yonkers. Various weeknights from 3:30 to 8:00. For full details, click here!

This really was an oversight of the most inadvertent sort - Yonkers is one of my favorite clubs, and I'd actually thought about mentioning them, but I was doing very quick browses of websites to get links for the list. I looked at the YPRC site, because I did know that they'd been doing something like that for a while, I didn't see info about that happening this year. I did think of emailing but that got lost in the shuffle of other stuff I'm wrapped up in - but their commodore checked in & left a comment over the weekend. Turns out the public program info was in the "Kennedy Marina" link, which I'd thought was going to be about storage & boatbuilding (Yonkers does have an accomplished boatbuilder, Jack Gilman, on the roster - he's guided a lot of club members through the process of building kayaks & although the official club boatbuilding had been on hiatus due to lack of a workshop for a while, I think there was a possibility that that would resume in the new space at Kennedy Marina). Fortunately their commodore happened to check in over the weekend & gave me the proper link in comments. Thanks, Bob!

BTW, the comments on the original list took on a life of their own & there are a number of very good clubs in there that I hadn't mentioned because I was just listing stuff that anybody with a couple of hours (and maybe a little money) to spare could do. There's a whole next level of options for people who are ready to get a little more committed - many (although still not all) of those got mentioned in the comments.

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