Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nice Animals in Michigan And A Nice Trip Report.

Sorry no time for real posts this week, got back from Michigan to an unexpectedly crazy situation at work. Mostly wrapped up now but now I've got a lot of catching up to do on the work I'd actually planned to do this week that didn't happen.

In lieu of a real post, here are some nice animals in Michigan:

Peacock and sheep.

Sheepdog and sheep. More specifically, Shetland sheepdog seeing sheep for the first time. By pure coincidence, the sheep are also Shetland. Now if we'd only had a pony, we'd have had the complete Shetland barnyard scene. The dog did seem quite interested in the sheep, but a little bit later he was nose to nose with a very tense kitty looking about the same...

Dog and very tense kitty. Don't worry, nothing bad happened to either of them, actually dog was displaying the exact same sort of friendly interest as dog was giving to sheep - he's a very mild-mannered, sweet-natured little guy, pretty much greets everyone he meets with the same sniff sniff sniff & a gently wagging tail. Kitty wasn't interested at all but stood his ground - he loves people & there were enough people around that he was not gonna leave the party on account of some visiting dog.

Baby robin (fell out of nest).

Fortunately there is somebody out there in the paddling & rowing world who did something fun last weekend & actually had time to write about it!. Sounds like the Village Community Boathouse (including their sommelier...dang, is that a classy club or what?) had a good time despite the downpour. Oh, man, I made it out to my garden for the first time in 2 weeks this morning (needed to get my PFD mostly) & I wish I had had my camera - I've got sugar snap peas & they have gone so completely bonkers with this cool & rainy weather that they overwhelmed the bamboo I use for a climbing trellis & fell down. Entire garden is going crazy, could really use some intensive weeding thinning & staking. Too bad it's not getting any of that for quite some time - it was a dreadful week at work, but part of dreadfulness was having to get 5 days worth of work done in 4 so I could head off to Croton Point myself tomorrow for the Hudson River Greenland Festival, and then next weekend I'm heading off to see TQ. Garden will just have to fend for itself. I just hope it doesn't start actively snaring clubmates or anything in the meantime.

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