Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sebago Snowstorm, Open House 2009

Incredible but true!

Drifts piling up in the lee of the containers -

The Vice-Commodore left his windows open & look what happened!

OK, OK, as most of you easterners have probably already guessed -

It was a cottonwood snowstorm we had on Saturday. Not an H20-snow-storm. Aside from a little fluff in noses & eyes, it didn't slow things down a bit.

Funny thing - I don't think I'd ever seen this spectacle until after I'd moved to New York, and the first time I saw it, I was so confused! It was a fine, sunny, early-summer day, and yet there they were, big fluffy snowflakes, dancing lightly in the air in a perfectly natural snowflakey way. I'm serious, my first thought was "Snow? But how could it possibly be snowing?".

I don't think they had cottonwood in the two mainland states we lived in that I remember clearly (California and Washington). We certainly didn't have it in Hawaii.

Special thank-you to John for playing Director of Photography - the only video that came out was the one from the spot where he told me it would work! :D

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