Saturday, January 15, 2011

Martin Luther King Day Greetings.

Almost said Happy Martin Luther King Day, but that always just sounds odd. Easter is happy. Hannukah and Halloween are happy. Martin Luther King day...should be something more serious maybe?

Maybe the proper Martin Luther King day greeting would be "A thoughtful Martin Luther King Day to you". Or something like that.

Wish we still had him with us today.


John Edward Harris said...

How about "Dream a good dream this MLK Day"?

bonnie said...

John, that is wonderful. Just what I was trying for and falling so far short of. Thanks.

Baydog said...

I think "happy" is fine if that's how you feel on that day. You don't have to walk around with a puss on your face just because you feel guilty that a smile may be misconstrued. The mourning should be over and the celebration should rule the day.

bonnie said...

Well, that is a good point.

Actually "grateful" is always more how I feel about what he did.

bonnie said...

And how mortifying. I had the day wrong.

I blame this on trying to cram one month of work into 2 weeks just in case I get jury duty.