Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New York Harbor Time Lapse

OK - are you tired of politics now? Ready for something fun? Check this out! High-def and full-screen recommended & don't blink around 0:16 or you'll miss the Half Moon!

P.S. - Is it corny that I would really like to slap a high-speed instrumental version of "New York, New York" on that puppy?


JP said...

Very good - maybe I should have a go. To quote Top Gear "how difficult can it be?"

bonnie said...

If you don't already know how, you should leave a comment over there saying "How do you do that?"

John's a teacher - he would probably enjoy explaining the geekery behind the magic, if he hasn't already.

O Docker said...

I don't see why you'd have any problems at all crossing that channel in a kayak.

bonnie said...

Oh, we're just all a bunch of chickens! braawk! braaawk!