Monday, June 20, 2011

Palisades Hike

It was a busy weekend. Saturday, we went up to Lake Sebago for the first aid class that TQ & I both needed before the American Canoe Association considers us fully certified Level 4 coaches (now pending only the sending of the instructor's official letter to the ACA, which I will probably do from work) - we also had a very nice paddle, originally that wasn't part of the plan but a friend needed a ride, and she wanted to paddle, and with this being TQ's first time at the lake, and my first visit in a very long time, we decided that was a good idea.

I tried a self-rescue in my new hybrid lifejacket - uninflated, there was clearly less flotation but it did hold my head completely clear of the water. I was still able lift to the bow of my boat high enough to mostly empty it - that was nice to know, that's a manuever that I was afraid the lack of flotation was going to make harder.

No inflation test yet, I'll do that sometime when we don't need to be all dried off & ready to learn at 1 pm. Oh, I do plan to ask someone to videotape that - could be entertaining!

This made for a very long day cooped up inside for the dogs, and they were very very good, and TQ hadn't been able to exercise them as much as he usually does during the week. Today being a glorious day, we decided to treat them to a good hike - and the Palisades were a treat for all of us. Gorgeous day, as you'll see if you watch the (mercifully and unusually) short slidehow!

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