Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bowsprite Accepted the Challenge!

And look what she sent! :D
hula gal by Bowsprite!

Looking forward to introducing her and a few other adventurous friends to Spam Musubi and other ono kine grindz tomorrow after work! Yippee!

OH! PS - if you didn't already see it, go check out Harbor Time Lapse #2 - a Bowsprite/Control Geek Joint Production! Great stuff!


bonnie said...

ps - any of the other usual suspects care to join in, we'll be convening after work at the L&L Barbecue at 64 Fulton Street, down near the South Street Seaport. Don't worry, there's more than just SPAM! Full menu here!

Baydog said...

I would say I'd go for the short ribs myself. Your painting of spam musubi is so much more appetizing than the photo of theirs. Is that nori or electricians' tape? :)

bonnie said...

Baydog, you picked one of my faves. Lau lau & kalua pork are 2 other favorites. I like those so much that I seldom get anything else. Used to get the BBQ combo until I figured out that although the teri chicken & bbq beef were tasty enough, the galbi was really the best of the three by a very comfortable margin. Oh, and yes, that's nori - not electrician's tape (yikes)!

bowsprite said...

hahaha! electricians' tape! it was very chewy. John dinged the seaweed, but it was much better than we had all anticipated! The ribs is what I had, and it was very very good! Thank you SO much, Frogma!!! you are the most gracious hostess and intrepid guide!