Friday, February 24, 2012

Bad News from PortSide NewYork (Meeting Monday, 2/27 in Brooklyn)

Originally posted Tuesday, 2/21 - reposting due to time-sensitive nature of topic, and also after seeing an excellent post on the topic over at the Old Salt Blog that was passed on by the Working Harbor Committee. It was also in this week's edition of WaterWire. Glad to see the news going around & I wanted to join in by bringing this back up to the top this morning.
I had 2 changes of plans this weekend. One is going to keep this post short and sweet - after more or less recovering from a period of startup hiccups last Fall, my home computer died this weekend, so I just dropped off the box at a Staples halfway out to Coney Island & figure I'll head on out there now instead of going into the city to visit the South Street Seaport Museum.

The other changed plan was yesterday, when after receiving some jarring news from Carolina, the founder of PortSide NewYork, one of my "Favorite Local Not-For-Profits" (see sidebar for that list), I ended up spending the afternoon posting flyers in the South Slope. It's a rough situation & if I was working on my own computer, I'd try to take the time to describe it for you - but since I'm not, I'll just ask you to head on over to to read it for yourself. PortSide NewYork runs some wonderful programs and events on board the retired tanker Mary A. Whalen and other waterfront locations (local kayakers, for example, enjoy the organization's Kayak Valet days, where you can paddle to Valentino Pier and go explore the neighborhood and grab a lobster roll, a key lime pie, or a sit-down lunch in one of Red Hook's nice restaurants, while volunteers make sure nobody takes your boat out for a test paddle or worse). The photo above is one of a set that I took during her 70th birthday party in December 2008. I hope everything works out that her 75th (December 2013) will be in a long term home!

Hope to see lots of local boaters & fans of the waterfront at the meeting next Monday

Mon 2/27, 6:30-8:30pm
Long Island College Hospital (LICH)
Conference Rooms A & B
339 Hicks Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Corner of Atlantic Avenue & Hicks Street
Enter on Hicks Street at some raised steps
Parking garage across Hicks Street
Can't make the meeting? Join us afterwards at
Montero's Bar until 10:30pm across Atlantic Avenue from LICH just south of Hicks.


Sweetgum Thursday said...

Hi Bonnie. Looks like you're pretty busy. Just wanted to check in with you to see if the proposed gas pipline project under Jacob Riis in the Rockaways and back over to Floyd Bennett has caught the attention of the kayaking/boating community yet. I'm a gardener over at Floyd near where a new metering and regulating station may be built. Happy water adventures.

bonnie said...

Hello, Sweetgum! What a nice garden you have over there.

I heard about the pipeline plan for the first time at the Four Sparrows Marsh meeting, but I don't really know that the local boaters are aware of it. Do you have any good on-line references? I'd like to read more about it myself - it was brought up with a tone of disbelief but obviously it's real, and I would like to know more about it.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

I've been researching the FERC documents and writing a little on my blog about it..

not a lot in the news yet..

bonnie said...

Thank you! I had actually seen what you have on your blog on Sunday, tried to leave a comment but I'd actually come to the office to work on a project & my work computer has problems with some comment setups - I type something up, it appears to post, but then it vanishes. Never felt like it would be right to ask our IT staff to spend time on something that's completely NOT work-related!

Would've come back at home in the evening but the home computer is broken right now. Will be visiting all your links once it's back.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

I'm not as much interested in getting people to read my blog as I am in getting word out about the legislation and project. (Are you from Hawai'i? I lived on Oahu for a while. My sis lives there.)