Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Brooklyn Bovine. 10:30 PM, Atlantic Avenue

Update, 2/29/2012: O-Docker has left a fascinating suggestion about where the cow may have come from in the comments - click on the comments to see. Now that we've settled where the cow came from, the next thing want to know how on earth he knew that. I mean, everybody knows about the alligators in the sewers, but how on earth does a person happen to know about subterranean cows?


O Docker said...

An escapee from the cow tunnels?

bonnie said...

How on earth did you know about cow tunnels? How very odd!

O Docker said...

It was one of those things I stumbled upon on Google and then wasted a half hour reading about when I was looking for something completely unrelated that would have actually been useful.

I'm starting to think Google does that on purpose just to slow you down so you'll spend more time reading their ads.

O Docker said...

Now I see there's further evidence.

In the background of the photo are some construction zone barrels and - yes, signs of excavation.

You've done a great service for the City of New York by documenting this proof of the cow tunnels' existence.

bonnie said...

Are they mad???

PeconicPuffin said...

In the 80's I worked in a building on 57th street between 10th and 11th that had old cow ramps in it. Nobody waxes nostalgic about ramps of any kind, but I'll bet they date back to the days of the cow tunnels.