Thursday, October 03, 2013

Uh oh, what does pink mean?

I am wondering what's up with Scout the Autonomous Transatlantic Boat tonight. Pink is not one of the normal status colors!

I hadn't checked in in a week or so, but I've been following the navigating robot's adventure since Tillerman introduced us in a quiz entitled "What and Where?". She had a couple of false starts but the 3rd time seemed to have been the charm so far. Click here to read Tillerman's reports on her first couple of attempts, click here to visit Scout's website, and click on the "Live Tracking" button on the left side of the page over there to see where Scout is. Interesting project!  

Note on 10/4 - Checked their Facebook page and it turns out that pink means that the transmitter that was sending full details of the robot's status broke down. There's a backup one that's sending now but that one only conveys location. The little icon on the map that the robot has just passed marks the location of the Titanic - one of the folks who are running the project said, "Let's just hope Scout doesn't end up down there too!"

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