Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Happy Ranger, Sad Ranger.

Here's my friend John, the kayaking ranger of Floyd Bennett Field, last Sunday. John was HAPPY.

Here was a self-portrait John posted on Facebook yesterday.

John is SAD. 

As I took the first picture on Sunday, I said to him, "John, you're all wet and you're covered with sand". He said, "All wet and covered with sand usually means it was a good day". And in fact it was - a bunch of us from Sebago had turned to help him out with the free kayaking part of Floyd Bennett's Day on Jamaica Bay, we had absolutely gorgeous weather and John's estimate at the end of the day was that we'd had about 70 people come over to play with the boats, and he was all wet because even though it was a little cool, we did do a little rolling, and then the sand came from moving the boats. Good day? Yeah, the best!

At one point I brought down the mood a bit by asking what would happen to him if the shutdown happened. He said that he's considered essential personnel, so he has to go be on duty even though there's nothing to do. He said, "I will sit on a chair in the entrance and say 'Welcome to the gate to Floyd Bennett Field. You can't come in. Sorry.'"

And that's exactly what the second picture is all about. Sucks.

Hope this is over soon.


Pandabonium said...

That Jr. High school children behave more rationally and more maturely than millionaire lawmakers says a lot. We're in serious trouble. Not just the USA, but the industrialized world as whole.

I hope Ranger John is smiling again soon!

bonnie said...

Me too, although I'm not very optimistic. I'm just shaking my head over the whole thing, it's all so disturbing.

Keep Reaching said...

It is just shameful. And I place 90% of the blame on the crazies who have hijacked the Republican Party. Let's get back to a real 2 party system with adults holding office.

bonnie said...

Yes, I can't quite give the Dems a pass on this, and I have reservations about the Affordable Care Act - I'm in favor of universal coverage but the way it's being done seems to be likely to cause hardship for many less well-off people - but the Tea Party set? Seems like they think their constituents mostly want a circus. Government for the people, by the clowns.

Julie McCoy said...

I was hoping to do some late season camping in Gateway, and when I went to check season-end dates on the and NPS sites - wah wah, down due to the shutdown. Although, I have heard someone guerrilla camped recently.

bonnie said...

Could see the temptation there although at the same time there ARE people like John keeping an eye on things and it's a shame to make their live more difficult - I think John would hate kicking people out but it would be his job. TQ and I are off for a little canoe camping up in CT tomorrow ourselves but it's state-run and off-season.