Monday, January 13, 2014

Drawing again - Aoki's

Oops. I have some nice pix from a walk I took in Sheepshead Bay on the 4th (day after the big storm, cold but sunny and no wind), and I'd planned to post those yesterday, but instead I worked on my 2nd round of drawing Aoki's again. 

This is something I've been drawing in memory of the original Aoki's Shave Ice shop, which was one of my favorite stops in Haleiwa. Missed it on my last trip because I stuffed myself on a Kua Aina Sandwich Shop burger and then the walk on the beach that was supposed to just be enough to restore my appetite enough for a shave ice turned into an amazing Haleiwa-to-Waimea honu safari. Fortunately I did think to take a picture of the old place - had no idea this was going to be the last time I ever saw it but my solo trip in 2010 was partly about taking pictures of as many of my favorite things out there as I was able to get to in one week, and this was one of them. 

I think if you asked me if I would trade the picture for one last shave-ice there I would say no -- it does help that the Aokis are hoping to sell shave ice from their gift shop across the street but I'm having a good time drawing off of the picture.

First try was on an old sketch pad and I just colored it partway with crayons - 

Second round was on nice watercolor paper, took me a couple of tries but eventually I did get one I liked enough to move on with a waterproof pen. Next step will be painting it in!

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