Thursday, January 02, 2014

Welcoming 2014!

Here I am greeting 2014 (and the fishies, helloooo fishies!) in traditional Sebago Canoe Club style. Yes, it was cold! Happy New Year! More pix from the annual Frostbite Regatta tonight oops, soon (unless we're Facebook friends, in which case they're up over there).

PS - celebrating 2014 by turning off comment moderation for newer posts. I don't like moderating comments much but there was a period at some point when the spammers had figured out some loophole in Blogger's spam filters. It just hit me that I hadn't had to delete any spam in quite some time so fingers crossed, I'm going to try unmoderated again!


my2fish said...

happy new year, bonnie!

bonnie said...

Thanks, same to you!