Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ice Flight Pix -

Hello from a very chilly NYC! I don't like it much when it's so cold that taking a deep breath outside burns all the way down to the bottom of your lungs, but there's one thing I DO definitely enjoy about the cold weather, and that's watching to see whether the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club is going to get to have a season.

Having a cold snap that lasts for a few days is usually enough to get me checking out

Just thought to check this afternoon - they're not there yet, but there is ice on some stretches of the Hudson and the first ice flight shots are up!  


bowsprite said...

ah, I love those guys! beautiful boats, crisp ice and air! let me know when you go, Bonnie! if we are lucky, John Sperr will have some of his homemade wine! xoxo c

bonnie said...

OK, but first I gotta go someplace warm! woohoo!