Friday, January 02, 2015

Sebago Frostbite Regatta 2015 Edition!

With a forecast that was clearly and emphatically calling for winds gusting up to 30 mph, TQ and I were half expecting the paddle section of the annual Sebago New Year's Day Frostbite Regatta to be cancelled, but the morning of the 1st dawned with no updates later than the "Come on out, it's gonna be great!" one that went out a day or two in advance. If there'd been rain or snow in addition, I'm pretty sure it would've been off, but it takes some truly foul weather to stop this event (I think the paddle has been called off once since I joined the club in 2006, we'll paddle in snow, we've crunched through the ice, pretty much takes an actual blizzard to shut us down) and aside from the high winds and slightly nippy temperatures it was an absolutely lovely day, so off we went. And two of us saw seals! The winds were just as forecasted though, so just south of the entrance to Mill Basin, half of us cut our paddle short while the other half decided to go look for more seals.

You might be tempted to say that those who went for the distance were the hardcore set, and I do have to admit that this was probably the shortest paddle I have ever gotten winter-geared up for - but those of us who headed back earlier WERE the ones who stopped outside the basin for the traditional New Year's Day rolls, so maybe we can just say it was 2 different kinds of hardcore. At any rate, it was a nice morning out on the water, followed, as usual, by great food and catching-up back at the clubhouse. Happy 2015!

Gusty winds and clumsy neoprene gloves did make taking pictures a little tricky but I did get some nice shots (sorry, no seals, they were peeking, not posing) and have put together a gallery. Click here to view. Happy 2015! 


pia said...

I thought about you and TQ on New Years. Wondering what you were doing
Hardcore frostbite of course!
Love the pictures.

Happy New Years

Rena McDaniel said...

What what a great event even in the cold. We are avid canoers and this past summer my husband has taken up kayak the rapids of Green River in NC but I have been to chicken to try. I love watching him go though! Great pictures!

bonnie said...

Glad you enjoyed the pictures! This is always such a satisfying way to start the new year.

Rena - Ooh. My folks live in Hendersonville! I'm much more of a sea kayaker than a whitewater lady, but I should look into Green River for sometime when TQ and I come down there, he loves doing whitewater and although I haven't done it much, I've had a blast the few times I have.