Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Oahu 2010 - Songbird singing on the Aiea Loop Trail

Old Man Winter is finally paying NYC a visit after a delightfully mild start; it's cold and gray and snowy. So how about a distant white-rumped sharma singing in the Hawaiian sun?


I was actually inspired to dig into my files from 2010, when I last made it home to Oahu, by a lovely video of the same kind of bird that was posted yesterday in one of the Facebook Hawaii groups of which I'm a member. I'd filmed this during my hike on the Aiea Loop Trail because the song was so beautiful. I don't recall hearing this song when I came here as a kid but as I mention in the YouTube description, I don't know whether that's because these birds, members of the thrush family introduced from Asia, were not as established back then, or because this time I was hiking quietly on my own and when I came here as a kid, it was always as part of a riotous pack of Girl Scouts. The video's not perfect but it gives the idea (and it's just so nice to watch on a cold and snowy day).

Here's the video that sent me first to the internet to see if I could ID the bird, then to my own files to see if that was the bird I'd heard. I hadn't actually seen it during my hike, just heard it, but Joe gets a good look at his and actually has a whistled conversation!

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